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Pork Loin Steaks with Whiskey-Flavoured Mushroom Sauce

By on 12 Jan , 2015 in Steak | 0 comments

It’s been a while since I left behind my London life and with it the endless repetition of 9 to 5 office hours. Even though it’s been almost a year and a half since my leaving, the bottle of single-malt Scotch whiskey I got from my colleagues as a leaving present was still not even nearly empty, in fact roughly half of it still remained. The simple reason behind this is that I don’t really like whiskey as such. I fully appreciate that this bottle of 25 year old Scotch is of excellent quality as revealed by its fantastic smell also, but going further than smelling and actually drinking it is not really my thing any more. However, I have absolutely no problem with adding a mild whiskey flavour to the meat I cook. The rest, I think, is self explanatory.

Steak Tartare

By on 12 Oct , 2014 in Steak | 1 comment

I watched with excitement as the beautiful cut of lean beef disappeared in the top opening of the grinder, just to soon start to reappear in the form of tiny meat snakes from the holes at the bottom and fall right into the Butcher’s plastic glove covered hands. He turned and showed the product to me, holding it in both palms, and asked if he should go through it with the grinder one more time. ‘Hell yeah, you should!’ He ground the meat once more ensuring maximum fineness and slid this beautiful big ball of protein into a nylon bag to weigh it. 800 grams exactly. This is gonna be truly epic, I thought. After all, what other food suits real men better than raw meat?

Sirloin Steak with Mustard and Black Pepper Sauce

By on 3 Jun , 2014 in Steak | 0 comments

We know. There is nothing special about steak. You just get yourself some fine sirloin or rib eye slices, throw it on a hot grill for a few minutes and eat it while it is fresh and juicy. Of course, there is more to it if you consider it an art, but dry-aging meat at home is beyond our current abilities. Therefore, we are kind of embarrassed to publish such a primitive recipe, but seriously, who doesn’t like steak? We certainly could not give into the temptation to make some during our last meat-ing.