Meat N' Metal
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Lasagne al Forno

By on 2 May , 2014 in Pasta | 0 comments

Meat is great. Meat is our friend. We couldn’t live without it. Still, every once in a while you feel like doing something different than butchering everything that moves around you, throwing it on a grill and devouring it with little more than a few sorry slices of vegetables and bread. Although we don’t believe in introducing high amounts of carbohydrates into our system, we do love one high-carb food more than most others: lasagne. But we don’t like to overuse the pasta. Thick layers of ragu, cheese and some bechamel sauce between the lasagne sheets will make it a delicious, hearty meal.

“The Islander” Burger

By on 23 Apr , 2014 in Burger | 1 comment

When the day started in the office we all knew only our Leader can give us strength and wisdom for the day. As time passed our mind began to wander. In our imagination we visualized a cute hairy cow on a wonderful green field picked up by a trolley and minced to shreds by a massive grinder right onto our frying plate. Our dreams had been followed by real-life events as soon as we were able to put down our axes and leave the mine (some call it office). We headed straight to our greatest benefactor: The Butcher. He provided us with the quality meet needed for the monster burgers we intended to make. Our plan was to make some massive patties, place them atop some salad leaves in medium sized buns, put slightly fried onion slices on top, pour thousand island dressing on it and sprinkle it with a mix of smoked and regular grated cheese.

Afternoon Beef Baguette

By on 18 Apr , 2014 in Sandwich | 1 comment

As we were walking out of the office after joyfully serving our beloved Leader for another day, we got hungry and decided to make a quick sandwich. ‘Hey, we decided to move forward with that blog thing so what the heck are we waiting for? A little meat and metal never hurt anybody…’ So we headed for the supermarket and improvised the recipe of our afternoon snack on the way. We decided to fry some quickly marinated meat and fill it into two reasonably large baguettes together with some vegs. A mustard and sour cream sauce, as well as fried garlic cloves would guarantee the intense taste.