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Sirloin Steak with Mustard and Black Pepper Sauce

By on 3 Jun , 2014 in Steak | 0 comments

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We know. There is nothing special about steak. You just get yourself some fine sirloin or rib eye slices, throw it on a hot grill for a few minutes and eat it while it is fresh and juicy. Of course, there is more to it if you consider it an art, but dry-aging meat at home is beyond our current abilities. Therefore, we are kind of embarrassed to publish such a primitive recipe, but seriously, who doesn’t like steak? We certainly could not give into the temptation to make some during our last meat-ing.


Black pepper sauce

Vegetables to grill

We got ourselves some fine sirloin cuts from the same place as we did with the braised onion steaks. We put it into an oily marinade with black pepper but since we only had a day for that we didn’t expect much from it. The next day we decided to we wiped the meat slices and rub in some freshly ground coarse ground pepper into its fiber.

raw steak slices with coarsely ground pepper

The beef was ready to grill but we wanted some “healty” stuff just for the photos to look good. We decided to grill some mushrooms, halved tomatoes and carrot slices. We washed them, left the mushroom caps in whole but removed the stems, cut the tomatoes in half and the carrots into thin sticks lengthwise.

We also prepared the black pepper sauce. You can use ready-made beef stock or make your own from cube. We did the latter, approximately 2dl of it. We added the butter and flour and stirred it until there were no knots and it was a thick liquid. We added the mustard, salt and finally the whole black peppers, brought it to a last boil and took if off the heat. It looked like liquid shit but it was yummy. The peppers just softened up enough to be easy to chew.

mustard and black pepper sauce

The grilling started with the vegs. We poured some olive oil on the grill plate and dropped on the mushrooms and sprinkled some finely ground black pepper in the inside of the caps. The tomatoes did not get any spice neither did the carrots. The vegs took approximately 15 minutes to finish.

frying vegetables for steak


Meanwhile in the kitchen we peeled all the potatoes, cut them in large chunky slices and fried them in deep oil. 1,5 kg was just enough for 6 person.

frying sirloin steak with vegetables

The sirloin slices were much more interesting than some stupid vegs. The grill was really hot when we put the first slices on. We grilled the slices’ both side about 10 – 10 minutes.

Steak platter with vegetables and fries

The result was a great meal. We made most slices well done as most people wanted it that way but we left some medium rare slices too. The carrots ended up in the dustbin of course, because who needs them when there is chips and meat? Only our camera.

The soundtrack of the event was the new Panopticon/Falls of Rauros split. As Summer’s big, suffocating hands are approaching, we craved for something colder, and this release was a neat choice. If you search for some atmospheric back metal, give these American guys a listen.


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