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Pork and Cabbage Sandwich

By on 9 May , 2014 in Sandwich | 0 comments

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Doesn’t matter what others say, the best is always the ad hoc grilling/frying. This is what happened today. After a busy day our goal was to have something to eat as soon as possible, so we decided to make 4 simple baguette sandwiches with some pork and vegetables.

On our way to the marketplace we figured out what we should create exactly. This is what turned out:


Preparations: While the the rest of us cleaned and peeled the onions and the other vegetables Peter prepared the dressing, the recipe of which he just made up while shopping. It was a very simple. He mixed the cup of sour cream with half a pinch of salt, onion, red onion, garlic and some fresh chives, all finely chopped. We cut the Chinese napa cabbage to small squares and sliced red onion, red pepper and hot green pepper. When everything was ready we moved out to the balcony to – as Walter White would say – start cooking.

First we threw the meat on the frying plate and spiced it with salt and pepper. Then came the cabbage (sliced to small squares) and chives, and of course, some crushed garlic.




We used two spatulas to mix it and continued to moving ant turning the stuff over the heat until the meat and vegetables were ready. We cooked the meat thoroughly but were careful not to dry it completely. We removed it from the heat and put it aside. We fried the bacon and also softened the red pepper just a little bit.

We cut the baguettes in half and spread dressing on the bottom half, then put on a layer of lettuce and a generous amount of meat and cabbage mix. Finally came the bacon, fried pepper, red onion rings and hot pepper. If you don’t like onions and vegs so much, you can stop at the bacon, it will still look and taste awesome.




Pork cabbage sandwitches

The result was a light, tasteful, fresh sandwich. Nothing is better than a handmade beer to flush the baguette. It was an unfiltered light beer from a family-owned microbrewery in Fót, Hungary. It was just perfect for the sunny afternoon.

Since the weather was nice indeed, we wanted to listen something not so depressing hence we played random songs from the last 3 albums of the Swedish Soilwork.

By the way, we decided to call this sandwich ‘Victory Day Sandwich’ since we saw on the news the massive military parade held in Moscow just now. Some impressive military dick-waving!


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