Meat N' Metal
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Hortobágy meat (and metal) pancakes

By on 6 Jun , 2014 in National Dishes | 0 comments

Hortobágy. The largest natural grassland in Europe. The horizon cuts the boundary between land and sky like a quick slash of a razor blade, only to be disrupted by an occasional herd of Hungarian grey cattle grazing in loose groups far, far away. Hortobágy. The name is synonymous with flatness. It is, indeed, as flat as the pancakes we were abut to roll up last afternoon to create the dish that originates from the wast expanse after which it was named.

Hortobágy meat pancakes are one of our favourite national dishes. It consists of large, thin pancakes filled with meat stew, rolled up and poured on top with a meat stock and sour cream sauce.

Sirloin Steak with Mustard and Black Pepper Sauce

By on 3 Jun , 2014 in Steak | 0 comments

We know. There is nothing special about steak. You just get yourself some fine sirloin or rib eye slices, throw it on a hot grill for a few minutes and eat it while it is fresh and juicy. Of course, there is more to it if you consider it an art, but dry-aging meat at home is beyond our current abilities. Therefore, we are kind of embarrassed to publish such a primitive recipe, but seriously, who doesn’t like steak? We certainly could not give into the temptation to make some during our last meat-ing.

Khinkali (Georgian Meat Dumplings)

By on 12 May , 2014 in National Dishes | 0 comments

Khinkali. The most famous national dish of Georgia. The idea couldn’t be simpler yet more brilliant. Take the meat that you love, grind it and mix it into a spicy, juicy dollop, fill it into a funny but awesome-looking dough bag and cook it in boiling water. Cheap, filling, tasty.

Pork and Cabbage Sandwich

By on 9 May , 2014 in Sandwich | 0 comments

Doesn’t matter what others say, the best is always the ad hoc grilling/frying. This is what happened today. After a busy day our goal was to have something to eat as soon as possible, so we decided to make 4 simple baguette sandwiches with some pork and vegetables.

Lasagne al Forno

By on 2 May , 2014 in Pasta | 0 comments

Meat is great. Meat is our friend. We couldn’t live without it. Still, every once in a while you feel like doing something different than butchering everything that moves around you, throwing it on a grill and devouring it with little more than a few sorry slices of vegetables and bread. Although we don’t believe in introducing high amounts of carbohydrates into our system, we do love one high-carb food more than most others: lasagne. But we don’t like to overuse the pasta. Thick layers of ragu, cheese and some bechamel sauce between the lasagne sheets will make it a delicious, hearty meal.