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Steak Tartare

By on 12 Oct , 2014 in Steak | 1 comment

I watched with excitement as the beautiful cut of lean beef disappeared in the top opening of the grinder, just to soon start to reappear in the form of tiny meat snakes from the holes at the bottom and fall right into the Butcher’s plastic glove covered hands. He turned and showed the product to me, holding it in both palms, and asked if he should go through it with the grinder one more time. ‘Hell yeah, you should!’ He ground the meat once more ensuring maximum fineness and slid this beautiful big ball of protein into a nylon bag to weigh it. 800 grams exactly. This is gonna be truly epic, I thought. After all, what other food suits real men better than raw meat?

Toast Skagen

By on 13 Aug , 2014 in National Dishes | 0 comments

Sweden. Home to a great variety of excellent metal bands, as well as a great variety of sophisticated food. In this post I would like to present a fine example of both. It will be one of my favourite Swedish recipes that I learned from my host in Stockholm some years ago and that I prepare semi-regularly ever since. I like it because it is extremely simple to prepare yet super-delicious. Toast Skagen is a combination of prawns and a fresh sour cream sauce piled on top of a piece of sautéed bread. It is a light and tasty starter or side dish, but, providing you have a plenty supply of small prawns available, it can easily become a light main course as you will hardly be able to stop eating until all of it is gone. Not the cheapest food you will make in your life, and I am also full aware that it it in sharp contrast with the hearty meals that have been presented on this blog so far. Nevertheless, you will not regret to try it. Save it for special occasions.

Japanese dinner in London

By on 24 Jul , 2014 in Japanese, National Dishes | 0 comments

If the last burger porn edition from Kiev was special, I am not sure what to call this one as this post is going to be something truly unconventional for our blog. I was on a work-related trip to London last week and, like I always do when I am there, went to my favourite place for dinner one of the nights, a tiny Japanese restaurant on Plender Street, Camden Town called ‘Seto’. Formerly a small but busy restaurant in Soho, it is now a true hidden gem on one of the side streets of Camden High Street. Seto is run by a Japanese couple, honest hard-working people who actually do work there every day, not just running a business. A fairly non-descriptive venue from the outside, and you will notice absolutely nothing fancy even after you entered, however, this is one of the rare places in London where you will find great Japanese food made with care.

Gourmet Burgers With Bacon And Onion Rings

By on 13 Jul , 2014 in Burger | 0 comments

There hasn’t been any updates to the blog for some time now, but there has been a lot of other things going on in the past month, and the Meat n’ Metal team had to wait. It was, and will continue to be quiet an eventful summer for me but in order not to leave this blog completely on its own, I decided to organise a special Meat n’ Metal event where I currently am, in Kiev, featuring my beloved onion rings burger recipe I always wanted to write about.

Horseradish, Cheddar and Bacon Burgers

By on 8 Jun , 2014 in Burger | 0 comments

For our small team, summer time is burger time. Big time. It’s been the first consistent week of the real hot summer weather that we hate so much, and we can only survive this calamity thanks to the small everyday pleasures, like the one a monstrously tall double horseradish and bacon burger can give you on a lazy Sunday afternoon.