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Horseradish, Cheddar and Bacon Burgers

By on 8 Jun , 2014 in Burger | 0 comments

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For our small team, summer time is burger time. Big time. It’s been the first consistent week of the real hot summer weather that we hate so much, and we can only survive this calamity thanks to the small everyday pleasures, like the one a monstrously tall double horseradish and bacon burger can give you on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Ingredients for 3

Like so many times, today’s hamburger was just a quick idea. Everything was so rushed and spontaneous in fact that it was not necessarily intended for the blog because we had doubts about the quality of the end product. We never would have thought that we are about to create one of the most awesome looking (and tasting) food our blog has seen yet. But here it is, hope it will inspire you!

Double horseradish, cheddar and bacon burger on a stick


Once the recipe was decided, we immediately called our friend who works at a local pizzeria and asked him to bake some nice fresh hamburger buns for us with sesame seeds in the venue’s own bakery. The guy overestimated our plans a little bit and in a few hours we were on the way home with 19 hot buns, fresh out of the oven! We only needed 3! What we were gonna to do with the rest was a mystery. It still is.

Our freshly baked burger buns

Once at home we prepared the ingredients: sliced the onion, red pepper, pickled baby cucumbers and tomato, then mixed the beef and pork mince and added salt, freshly ground black pepper, crushed garlic and lots of dried coriander. It was really soft and juicy, so we mixed in about 100 grams of breadcrumbs to make it stick together.

 Pork and beef mix with coriander and garlic

We moved out to the balcony and heated up the grill. The patties were just perfect. Very soft and juicy, but the breadcrumbs gave it just enough integrity to hold it together. They looked absolutely phenomenal on the grill!

Grilling the pork and beef patties

We cooked each side for about 8-10 minutes, turning only once. We wanted it to remain as soft as possible. This time it was a 100% success.

Once done, we put aside and covered the patties and started grilling the red pepper and bacon slices. The bacon needed only a minute each side, and the pepper needed 5 minutes to soften.


We also grilled the inside of the buns slightly, then we were ready to assemble our burgers.

The buns were slightly grilled too

The base layer was a generous amount of horseradish and mayo cream, followed by the first meat patty. We pierced the burger with a stick in the middle, as it was going to reach epic heights.

Adding the horseradish and mayo mix and the first patty

After a few slices of tomato, onion and pickled cucumber came the second patty, followed by even more vegetables, cheddar slightly melted on the grill…

Double horseradish, cheddar and bacon burger on a stick

Adding layers to double horseradish, cheddar and bacon burger

…and the bacon.

Adding the bacon to the burger

After the top was in place, we laid back and watched our babies with utmost satisfaction. We could almost not believe what we had just done. But the true test of any food is the tasting, so with a heavy heart we took our little monsters to the living room and started the to eliminate them. It is fair to say that they were our best tasting burgers to date!

Two double horseradish, cheddar and bacon burger on a stick

As big Insomnium fans, all of us were looking forward for their new full length album titled Shadows of the Dying Sun. These double burgers gave us the perfect opportunity to listen to it. As expected, almost all of the tracks were full of unforgettable melodic riffs, vocals with the perfect balance of singing and growling. The only negative thing we could recognise is that although it is a full length album it had only 8 tracks and an intro, but the variety of the songs helped us forget about it.

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