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Gourmet Burgers With Bacon And Onion Rings

By on 13 Jul , 2014 in Burger | 0 comments

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There hasn’t been any updates to the blog for some time now, but there has been a lot of other things going on in the past month, and the Meat n’ Metal team had to wait. It has been, and will continue to be quiet an eventful summer for me but in order not to leave this blog completely on its own, I decided to organise a special Meat n’ Metal event where I currently am, in Kiev, featuring my beloved onion rings burger recipe I always wanted to write about.

A pair of gourmet burgers with bacon and onion rings


Ingredients (3 normal and 2 double burgers)

For the onion rings



I started with putting the two different minces into a large bowl and adding the salt, pepper and finely chopped parsley leaves. Coriander is as hard to get in Ukraine as is in Hungary so I used parsley. There were a number of other challenges due to cooking in somebody else’s kitchen, for example, there was no garlic press. To solve this problem, I cut the 4 garlic cloves into thin slices, chopped those into smaller pieces, then applied pressure on them with the wide blade of a kitchen knife. The result was a little bit more coarse, but perfectly suitable. I added it too to the meat.


Next came half onion, finely chopped, and some BBQ sauce. I hand-mixed everything thoroughly, covered it and put it aside for some time.

I cut the gherkins to thin slices and the red pepper to 5 cm long stripes, and put those aside for later.


I grated the cheese which left me with the beautiful, huge pile as on the photo below. Plenty for five burgers.


After some rest I formed 7 thick patties from the meat and put them on a plate.


For the onion rings, I cleaned two onions, and cut them to thick slices. I removed the middle leaving only 2-3 outer layers, forming nice onion rings.

I mixed flour, warm water, the 2 tbsp of oil, stirred them until all knots were gone, and added the egg and mixed it in too. The end result should be a fairly liquid, rather than thick substance. In another bowl I poured the bread crumbs. I took the onion rings one by one and rolled them in the liquid, then in the breadcrumbs too until all sides were covered. I made about 15 in total.


I heated oil in large pan and fried the onions on medium heat, turning them once. Once they were brown I dried them, put them on a plate and covered to prevent them to cool off completely.


While the onions were frying I halved the buns and slightly toasted their inner side in a small pan.


After the onions were ready I washed and dried the large pan. Before starting the patties I needed to prepare two more ingredients: the bacon and the red pepper. I put on some oil on medium heat and softened the pepper stripes just a little bit, then set them aside.


I threw on the bacon slices and fried them until almost crispy (but still fairly juicy).


I heated a hint of oil in the large pan again, and started frying the patties on medium heat.


I cooked each side for about 6-8 minutes, and as soon as the first one was ready I started to build the first burger – a single one for a start.

On the bottom of the bun I spread some yellow pepper sauce. I used ready made one but if you can’t get your hand on any, you can make it by mincing yellow pepper in a food processor, then mix it with mayonese spicing it with some sweet paprika. Alternatively, you can use your favourite sauce of choice.

On top of the sauce I put a leaf of the less curly leaved lettuce…


…followed by a layer of pickled gherkin slices.



The next layer was the patty…


…followed by a few red pepper stripes. At this point I also inserted a wooden stick in the middle to hold the whole thing together.



Next came two bacon slices and two onion rings. (Apologies for the bacon missing from the photo below).



Almost done! On top of the onion rings I added the other variety of the curly leaf lettuce…





…which provided a perfect surface to hold some mustard.




The only thing missing was the cheese. A generous amount of it. I first slightly melted the grated cheese in the same pan I used for frying the patties, so it soaked up some of the spicy juices the meat released. I piled it on top of the lettuce and inserted the top of the bun.



The end result were the most beautiful burgers I have made in my life.

A pair of gourmet burgers with bacon and onion rings

I figured it could only be overwhelmed by a double one.

Double gourmet burger with bacon and onion rings

The Ukrainian friends were quite impressed, and there was sort of an Instagram party after I put the first double in the middle of the table.

Gourmet burger Instagram party

Everybody ate their burgers with a guilty conscience for destroying these beauties. But they all had to go. The three girls got the single burgers, us two guys tested the size of our stomach on the monster double burgers. It took a while, but we did not fail.

For this event I chose the song ‘Revolution’ from the Ukrainian band Infinite Tales as the main theme song. They do great metal, perhaps the only negative aspect is that the female vocal makes it a bit too soft for my ears, but it’s forgiven.

Hope you enjoyed this special edition from Kiev. We’ll e back soon with more from London!


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