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Mushroom and Cheese Filled Pork Cutlets in Breadcrumbs

By on 21 Jan , 2015 in Roast | 0 comments

I can imagine few better meals than taking a fresh cut of meat, filling it with all the stuff you love, then baking it in the oven in a breadcrumb coating. When one finally takes these protein bags out of the oven, all of which are thick from the delicious juicy stuff they can hardly contain within, cuts them in half, and sees the slow-flowing, steaming mixture of cheese, spices and mushrooms (or anything you could think of filling into it) seeping out from between the two layers of meat, releasing mouth-watering smells, one cannot withhold the smile of satisfaction that breaks out on his/her face. It is about time I share such a recipe on this blog.

Calf Shish Kebab

By on 28 Apr , 2014 in Roast | 0 comments

I love calf. Cute little animal. No oven is complete without it. Another thing I love is Turkish food. London has some kick-ass Turkish restaurants – if you live there you should definitely try their shish kebab. Just give us a shout and we can guide you to our personal favourite. I have long been dreaming of reproducing the same quality at home. The other day when I visited our butcher I ran into a beautiful cut of fresh lean calf. It was begging me not to leave it. I just couldn’t resist. I decided to buy it and use it in my first attempt to make shish kebab. Although the real shish is made of lean tender cut of lamb, at least in my opinion, I figured that this stunningly beautiful cut of calf shoulder, given enough time to age in marinade, was also an excellent candidate for a fine Turkish dinner.