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Beef Tounge With Mock Hunter Sauce

By on 9 Mar , 2015 in Offals | 3 comments

Ugly but delicious. These are the two words that best describe this 1,5 kg unique piece of meat. With its pleasant, silky texture that is much softer than what you would expect from an average meat and its strong, unmistakeable ‘beefy’ taste it is a delicacy every meat lover should try once. Those who are willing to overcome their prejudice and wait out long, long hours of cooking will be rewarded with an experience that is unlike any other. Love it or hate it.

Chicken Heart Stew

By on 16 Jan , 2015 in Offals | 2 comments

Today I figured it was time to introduce one of the more controversial food categories to the blog – offals. The first example shall be a simple but delicious chicken heart stew, made the Hungarian way. While I realise many people might have second thoughts about eating the various internal organs such as heart, liver, kidney, stomach, etc., I think it is simply a matter of social programming and there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t consider, for instance, the heart of an animal a food. Open minded people ought to be much more adventurous (and self-critical) than following their social programming and judge food by its taste and nutritional value. Both of which are quite alright in the case of chicken hearts.