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Gourmet Burgers With Bacon And Onion Rings

By on 13 Jul , 2014 in Burger | 0 comments

There hasn’t been any updates to the blog for some time now, but there has been a lot of other things going on in the past month, and the Meat n’ Metal team had to wait. It was, and will continue to be quiet an eventful summer for me but in order not to leave this blog completely on its own, I decided to organise a special Meat n’ Metal event where I currently am, in Kiev, featuring my beloved onion rings burger recipe I always wanted to write about.

Horseradish, Cheddar and Bacon Burgers

By on 8 Jun , 2014 in Burger | 0 comments

For our small team, summer time is burger time. Big time. It’s been the first consistent week of the real hot summer weather that we hate so much, and we can only survive this calamity thanks to the small everyday pleasures, like the one a monstrously tall double horseradish and bacon burger can give you on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

“The Islander” Burger

By on 23 Apr , 2014 in Burger | 1 comment

When the day started in the office we all knew only our Leader can give us strength and wisdom for the day. As time passed our mind began to wander. In our imagination we visualized a cute hairy cow on a wonderful green field picked up by a trolley and minced to shreds by a massive grinder right onto our frying plate. Our dreams had been followed by real-life events as soon as we were able to put down our axes and leave the mine (some call it office). We headed straight to our greatest benefactor: The Butcher. He provided us with the quality meet needed for the monster burgers we intended to make. Our plan was to make some massive patties, place them atop some salad leaves in medium sized buns, put slightly fried onion slices on top, pour thousand island dressing on it and sprinkle it with a mix of smoked and regular grated cheese.