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Afternoon Beef Baguette

By on 18 Apr , 2014 in Sandwich | 1 comment

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As we were walking out of the office after  joyfully serving our beloved Leader for another day, we got hungry and decided to make a quick sandwich. ‘Hey, we decided to move forward with that blog thing so what the heck are we waiting for? A little meat and metal never hurt anybody’. So we headed for the supermarket and improvised the recipe of our afternoon snack on the way. We decided to fry some quickly marinated meat and fill it into two reasonably large baguettes together with some vegs. A mustard and sour cream sauce, as well as fried garlic cloves would guarantee the intense taste.  Here is the full list of ingredients.


For 4 servings (2 if you are real men) you will need:

For the marinade we used:

Upon returning home with the ingredients everyone was pretty excited about our improvised project, we felt like we can take on the world and we quickly put on Amon Amarth: War of The Gods and got to work.

First we prepared a quick marinade for the meat mixing together oil, a few drops or worcestershire sauce, chili oil, pepper, thyme, dried majoram, and a hint of dried basil. We cut the beef into very thin slices and sank them into the marinade.


We bought a whole head of fresh salad so we separated the leaves and cut them into stripes 2-3 cm (1 inch) wide, then cut the yellow pepper and the mushroom into thin slices (the mushroom should be really thin!) and roughly chopped the red onion. We cleaned the garlic cloves and halved the bigger ones so they would fry easily.


For the sauce, we mixed a good tablespoon of mustard into a cup of sour cream, and pressed one clove or garlic into it. You should know: garlic is your best friend.

With all the preparations completed, we were ready for some serious frying! We gathered our tiny balcony where everything was neatly prepared already.


The door was left open so we could hear the music from the living room. At this point something very special was playing: Amon Amarth again but in a way we never have heard before: on the piano. As the first pieces of meat started to fry we listened and contemplated how much more complex this song really is than we ever noticed and how awesome it sounds on the piano.



After the meat fried we threw on the mushrooms, garlic, bacon, one after another. We sprinkled the mushrooms generously with black pepper and fried the paper-thin slices only for a few minutes each side then put it aside. The garlic cloves needed a little more time to break them down to a slightly softer texture. We fried the red onion and the yellow pepper only to make it just a little bit softer and so that they pick up some of the juices that accumulated on the frying plate from the meat, the marinade, bacon and mushrooms.



When everything was fried and put aside we cut the baguette in the middle, generously poured sauce into it then started layering the salad, meat, onion chops, bacon, mushroom, garlic and pepper into it. We threw some fresh chives on top, harvested right from the flower pot.

When it was full, we sprinkled the grated smoked cheese on top, and called our product complete.




It was absolutely fantastic, mostly thanks to the mustard-garlic-sour cream sauce and the fresh vegetables. Not to our surprise, the meat was a bit hard (though very tasty from the marinade), but considering that the whole project was decided upon and executed in a matter of 1-2 hours and it did not have time to age whatsoever, it was pretty acceptable. Next time, we decided, the beef will be aged in the marinade for least a couple of days as it should be. And that’s what we recommend to you also. Good luck!

Until next time! Eat meat and listen to good metal!


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  1. Detti

    May 16, 2014

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    I would appreciate if we could download and apply it into our face! Lovely food!

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